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Building & Enforcement Services Director
Solid Waste Coordinator
2345 Providence Blvd.
Deltona, FL  32725
(386) 789-7237
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Waste Pro
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Solid Waste Customer Service
Waste Pro Garbage Collection
                               Solid Waste

 * Trash   * Recycling   * Yard Waste

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: Work all Holidays except:

The 4th. of July
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas and New Years

****If your service day falls on one of the designated Holidays your regular day of service will be done on the following day****

Below is a general description of how the collection schedules for solid waste, recycling and yard waste are broken down:

SOLID WASTE (garbage):  1x Per Week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of each week.
See attached map for your designated collection day for Solid Waste. Click Here for Map.

Household Garbage:  This includes food scraps, packaging, clothes, small appliances, and other non-recyclables.  Contractor provided container(s) shall not exceed a gross capacity of 96 gallons.  Customer provided container(s) shall not exceed a gross capacity of 45 gallons, have side bail handles and not weigh more than 60 lbs. For curbside collection assure that container is placed within four feet of the curb, the container should face forward with handle to the rear, (with the wheels of container facing your property).   Do not place container within 3 feet of objects. Materials should be placed inside toter or trash bags, and are to be placed within ten feet of the pavement by driveway by 6:00 a.m. on your pick-up day.  Do not place container within 3 feet of objects such as mailboxes, parked vehicles, fire hydrants, trees, poles or other containers.  After collection, container(s) must be removed from the front yard not later than the evening of your collection day. The location of garbage, recycling and yard waste containers located at residential properties, when not set out for the day of pickup, shall be kept away from the front of any building or premises.

Bulk Trash: Please call for service. One large household appliance is picked up on your garbage collection day. Commercial, construction or demolition debris, such as fencing, floor tiles, etc. are not included in this service.  You may contract directly with Waste Pro to schedule a special pick-up for a small fee.  Remember to call charitable organizations if the item is reusable.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of each week.
See attached map for your designated collection day for Recyclable Materials. Click Here for Map.

Recycling: The City encourages recycling as a way to reuse material and to reduce the volume of trash in the landfill.  Revenue received from Recyled materials goes into a Scholarship Fund for local students.  Curbside recycling is provided to single family homes.  Residents should place their recycling bins by the pavement by 6:00 a.m. for pick-up on their scheduled day.  To receive your recycling bin, call Waste Pro.

Items that can be recycled include all colors of glass bottles, newspapers, magazines, mixed office paper, aluminum and steel cans, plastic bags, phonebooks, junk mail, and plastics with recycling code numbers 1 through 7.  You can now also recycle cardboard cereal boxes without the wax liner.  Large cardboard boxes must be flattened and cut to fit in the recycling bin.

Containers which held automotive, pool or toxic chemicals cannot be recycled.

Tires: Deltona residents may place up to four (4) typical automotive size tires at the roadside for pickup on their regular household garbage pick-up day.

Motor Oil: Motor oil was banned from landfill disposal by the State as of October 1, 1999.  Do not put motor oil in with your garbage.  Auto parts stores have a collection site for disposal of used motor oil, and residents may take used motor oil to these stores.  Please call Volusia County Recycles for a facility near you (386) 943-7889, or check with your auto parts store.

Lead Acid Batteries: Automotive and lead acid batteries are banned from landfill disposal by the State.  Retail outlets where you purchase your new battery are required to accept and dispose of your old battery.  Residents may also bring batteries to the West Volusia Transfer Station or to Recycling Buy Back centers for recycling.  Please call Volusia County Recycles (386) 943-7889 for a facility near you.

Hazardous Materials: Household hazardous wastes are products toxic to the environment, potentially contaminating our water supply, and are common in your home or garage.  These items should not be placed in your garbage.  Typical household hazardous waste includes used motor oil, lead acid batteries, household batteries, pesticides, gasoline, paint thinners/solvents, and pool chemicals. Please deliver hazardous materials free of charge to the West Volusia Transfer Station (3151 East Highway 44) Monday – Friday 7am -5pm, and Saturday 8am – 3pm (386) 943-7889.  Watch for special Hazardous Waste Amnesty Days for special drop-off locations.

YARD WASTE: 1 X Per Week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of each week.
See attached map for your designated collection day for Yard Waste.  Click Here for Map.

Yard Waste: This material includes grass, leaves, shrubs and tree trimmings only.  Up to an average of four (4) 32-gallon, three (3) 45-gallon containers, or eight (8) plastic bags per residential unit (not to exceed 8 cubic yards in a 4-week period), or equivalent bundles are picked up once a week.  96 Gallon container may also be used for yard waste following your solid waste collection day. Palm fronds and limbs may be neatly stacked and shall not be required to be bundled.  Limbs should not exceed four (4) feet in length, six (6) inch diameter or sixty (60) pounds.  Yard waste is picked up at the curb and mulched at the landfill for reuse.

Please do not mix other waste material in with yard waste.  Material must be at the pavement by 6:00 a.m. on your yard waste pick-up day.

Please do not mix yard waste with your household waste.  Commercial, construction or demolition debris, such as fencing, floor tiles, etc. are not included in this service.  Residents may contract directly with Waste Pro for an additional pick up per month.

The City of Deltona is pleased to be working with Waste Pro in providing quality waste collection to Deltona residents.


Solid Waste Compliance is responsible for ensuring that all solid-waste generated and accumulated within the City shall be collected, removed and disposed of properly.

SOLID WASTE COLLECTION SERVICES ARE PROVIDED UNDER CONTRACT BY WASTE PRO (386) 574-0778 or (386) 574-0723 or (800) 640-6875.

The goal of the Solid Waste Compliance Division is to maintain a high-quality community environment in accordance with all relevant City standards.  Our objectives are:

  • Achieve solid waste code compliance by assisting customers in finding alternatives to achieve compliance with City codes and ordinances.
  • To provide services to facilitate voluntary citizen involvement and cooperation in maintaining the quality of life in the City and eliminating nuisances.
  • To obtain compliance with City Codes and Ordinances through formal enforcement action.
  • To provide the public with a timely response to complaints and adequate follow-up to ensure complaint resolution.
  • Please – Keep Deltona Clean and Green!
  • The City supports well maintained and attractive homes, neighborhoods and streets with outstanding services and programs.  Our first priority is to help residents voluntarily comply with standards, but at times our efforts require enforcement efforts.  If you receive a violation notice, we recommend that you:
  • Find out how to correct the problem and do so promptly, in order to avoid  fines and liens.
  • You can ask for additional time, provided you are making progress on the violation.
Solid Waste Code Compliance Officers must complete 3 different 40-hour certification courses before becoming an Code Compliance Officer and a minimum of 16 hours of refresher training every two years to stay certified.  

2345 Providence Blvd., Deltona, FL 32725
Phone: (386) 878-8100 Fax: (386) 878-8501
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