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Being in business is about making money and showing profits. It is also about maintaining an entrepreneurial zeal to meet market need and achieve significant results.

The City of Deltona is anxious to assist new businesses to assure their successful location in Deltona. Starting a new business requires a major commitment of time, energy, and capital. You will also be required to obtain a business license, and other required zoning, planning, and building permits, depending on the nature of your business. Most important to your success is the development of a business plan, which describes how your business will be managed and operated. A business plan is also essential if you are seeking financing for your business.

This site is designed to provide basic information to assist individuals or companies wishing to establish or expand a business within the City of Deltona. It is intended to be a resource to assist you in locating available sources of information. Direct contact should be made with the individual agencies to obtain detailed information and advice.

Every attempt has been made to provide up-to-date information. Agencies providing the information may change their policies without notice.

The Economic Development Office can assist you in establishing your Deltona business and can answer many questions which are not addressed in this publication. If you are establishing a business or expanding your existing Deltona business, please visit or give us a call.