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Code Compliance Division FAQs
Code Compliance Division FAQs

The house next door is vacant and the grass hasn’t been mowed since last year, can anything be done?

Yes, City ordinances state grass and weeds over 12 inches high are declared to be nuisance and must be cut. Enforcement Services will post the property in violation and send the owner the same notice. If the property in not mowed after 10 days of posting, we will have it mowed and charge the owner.

Can someone have a junk vehicle stored in their yard?

No. City ordinances prohibit vehicles that are inoperative, wrecked, partially dismantled or otherwise mechanically incapable of being operated in their present condition, or without current state license tag if required, on private property except within a completely enclosed garage.

My neighbor’s fence is falling down on one side, is there anything the city can do to help me?

Yes. The City’s Minimum Standard ordinances does require that “accessory structures” be maintained and kept in good repair and sound structural condition.

What does Code Compliance do with my compliant?

An Enforcement Services will conduct an inspection and investigation of your compliant. Where there is a violation of a city ordinance or zoning regulation, the following process will be initiated. When applicable, the officer will leave a Courtesy Notice at the location of the violation listing the violation, remedial action and time to comply. A re-inspection is conducted and if the violation was not corrected, a Notice of Violation is mailed to the property owner of record. A re-inspection is conducted and if the property owner has not corrected the violation a Citation is issued or Code Enforcement Case is initiated. In a Code Enforcement Case a notarized statement and Notice of Hearing to the scheduled Special Magistrate hearing is sent “Restricted Delivery” or “Hand Delivered” to the property owner/respondent. A public hearing will be conducted and a case is presented on the violation. If the Special Magistrate finds that a violation exists, he/she can issue a fine of $250.00 a day for each day the violation continues to exist.

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