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Section 8. Elections.

Any person who is a resident of the City, who has qualified as an elector of this state, and who registers in the manner prescribed by law, shall be an elector of the City.


All elections for the Office of Mayor or other City Commissioners shall be conducted on a nonpartisan basis without any designation of political party affiliation. There shall be no party designation on official ballots, literature, or campaign advertising.

If there are more than two candidates who qualify for any office, a primary election shall be held. The qualifying period for City of Deltona elections shall be at any time after noon of the 1st day for qualifying, which shall be the 71st day prior to the primary election, but no later than noon of the 67th day prior to the date of the primary election of each even-numbered year. In addition, candidates shall qualify as provided in section 5 (1) (b).


Any election relating to a municipal office shall be held in each even-numbered year as established by the Florida Election Code as it may be amended from time to time. Next general municipal election shall be held in November 2010, and every two years thereafter. Any other required or permitted municipal election shall be scheduled in accordance with law. However, the Supervisor of Elections, after consultation with the affected municipalities, may change any election date in order to avoid a conflict with a religious holiday.


The City of Deltona opts to exempt itself from the provisions of the "Volusia County Uniform Election Day Act", Chapters 95-462 and 98-506, Laws of Florida.


(a) An election to fill the remainder of an unexpired term shall be held during the next regularly scheduled election.

(b) Special Municipal elections shall be held in the same manner as regular elections, except that the City Commission, by resolution, shall fix the time for holding of such elections.


(a) If more than two candidates qualify for an office, the names of those candidates shall be placed on the ballot at the primary election. If any candidate for such office receives a majority of the votes cast in the primary election for the office, he or she shall be deemed to be elected.

(b) If no single candidate for an office receives a majority of the votes cast in the primary City election for that office, the two candidates for the office receiving the highest vote in the primary City election shall run again in the regular City election. Further:

1. In any primary election in which there is a tie for first place, the name of each candidate shall be placed on the City's general election ballot.

2. In any primary election in which there is a tie for second place and the candidate placing first did not receive a majority of the votes cast for such office, the name of the candidate placing first and the name of each candidate tying for second shall be placed upon the City's general election ballot.

(c) The candidate receiving the highest number of votes cast for the office in the City's general election shall be elected to such office. If the vote at the general City election results in a tie, the outcome shall be determined by lot.


For purposes of canvassing absentee ballots and election results in special elections, the City Clerk and three citizens appointed by the City Commission with a supermajority vote of the entire Commission, shall be known as the Canvassing Board. The members of the Canvassing Board shall be prohibited from the following:

• Making contributions to the campaigns of any candidates or issues on the ballot;
• Endorsing any candidates or issues on the ballot; and
• Running for office in the election for which the board has been convened.
• Being a current elected official for the City of Deltona.

(Ord. 30-2008, § 8, 08-18-08/11-04-08)


Any member of the City Commission may be removed from office by the electors of the City following the procedures for recall established by general law.

Red text indicates new language as approved by Deltona voters at the General Election held on November 4, 2008 ( 5 of 8 proposed Charter amendments approved by the voters).

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