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Section 7. Charter Officers.

The designated Charter Officers shall be the City Manager and City Attorney.

(a) Appointment. The Charter Officers shall be appointed by a supermajority of five (5) votes of the full Commission and shall serve at the pleasure of the Commission.

(b) Removal. The Charter Officers shall be removed from office only by a supermajority of five (5) votes of the full Commission. If the vote is less than unanimous, the Charter Officer may, within 7 days of the dismissal motion by the Commission, submit to the Mayor a written request for reconsideration. Any action taken by the Commission at the reconsideration hearing shall be final.

(c) Compensation. The compensation of the Charter Officers shall be fixed by the City Commission.

(d) Filling of vacancies. The City Commission shall begin the process to fill a vacancy in the Charter Office of the City Manager or the City Attorney within 90 days of the vacancy. An Acting City Manager or Acting City Attorney may be appointed by the Commission during a vacancy in office.

(e) Candidate for City Office. Charter Officers shall not be a candidate for any elected office while holding his or her Charter Office position.

(Ord. 30-2008, § 7, 08-18-08/11-04-08)


The City Manager shall be the Chief Administrative Officer of the City.

(a) Qualifications. The City Manager shall be selected on the basis of experience, expertise, education, and management ability as it pertains to running municipal government. Although the City Manager need not be a resident of the City at the time of appointment, within 6 months of such appointment, he or she shall establish and maintain residency within the corporate limits of the City. Upon request of the City Manager, this 6-month period may be extended by the City Commission for an additional 6-month period.

(b) Power and duties. The City Manager shall:

1. Attend all meetings of the City Commission.

2. Draw and sign vouchers upon depositories, which vouchers shall be countersigned by the Finance Director or by the City Clerk, in the event of the Finance Director's absence or disability, and keep, or cause to be kept, a true and accurate account of same.

3. Be responsible for signature and issuance of all licenses issued by the City; issuance of receipts for all moneys paid to the City; and deposit of said moneys in the proper depositories on the first banking day after receipt.

4. Provide administrative services as required by the Mayor and the Commission.

5. Appoint a City Clerk to serve at his or her pleasure.

6. Appoint and suspend or remove any employee of the City. The City Manager may authorize any administrative officer who is subject to his or her direction and supervision to exercise these powers with respect to subordinates in that officer's department, office, or agency within the guidelines of stated personnel policies and procedures.

7. Direct and supervise the administration of all departments, offices, and agencies of the City, except as otherwise provided by this Charter or by law.

8. See that all laws, provisions of this Charter, and acts of the Commission are faithfully executed.

9. Prepare and submit the annual budget, budget message, and capital program to the Commission.

10. Keep the Commission fully advised as to the financial condition and future needs of the City and make such recommendations to the Commission concerning the affairs of the City.

11. Submit to the Commission, and make available to the public, a complete report on finances and administrative activities of the City as of the end of each fiscal year.

12. Sign contracts on behalf of the City to the extent authorized by the Commission.

13. Assist the Commission to develop long term goals for the City and strategies to implement these goals.

14. Encourage and provide staff support for regional and intergovernmental cooperation and submit reports of any of these activities to the Commission.

15. Promote partnerships among the Commission, staff, and citizens in developing public policy and building a sense of community.

16. Perform such other duties as are specified in this Charter or as may be directed by the Commission.

(Ord. 30-2008, § 7, 08-18-08/11-04-08)


The City Attorney shall be the chief legal officer of the City, and shall serve as chief legal advisor to the City Commission, the City Manager, and all City departments, offices, City advisory boards, and agencies.

(a) Qualifications. The City Attorney shall be a member of The Florida Bar in good standing. Within 6 months of the appointment of an in-house attorney, he or she shall establish and maintain residency within the corporate limits of the City.

(b) Powers and duties. The City Attorney shall appoint, suspend or remove any assistant city attorney or legal counsel and shall have full managerial authority of any employee who works directly under the attorney. The City Attorney or his or her designee shall attend all City Commission meetings unless excused by the City Commission, and shall perform such professional duties as may be required by law or by the Commission in furtherance of the law. The City Attorney shall prepare an annual budget for the operation of the Office of the City Attorney and shall submit this budget to the City Manager for inclusion in the annual City budget, in accordance with uniform City procedures.

(Ord. 30-2008, § 7, 08-18-08/11-04-08)

Red text indicates new language as approved by Deltona voters at the General Election held on November 4, 2008 ( 5 of 8 proposed Charter amendments approved by the voters).

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