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Qualifications, Duties & Responsibilities

This web page is designed as an informational tool and guideline to the City’s various Advisory Boards. It presents a statement of purpose and policy and outlines the role, operation and responsibilities of the advisory board and its members.


To be qualified for appointment, a prospective appointee must reside within the City limits of the City of Deltona. All applicants for a City Advisory Board shall complete a Citizen Board/Committee application form (online form), which will be kept on file by the City Clerk. Advisory Board members serve their appointed term without any compensation. Additional qualifications may be ordained or be otherwise applicable for a particular board. Boardmembers are appointed by individual members of the City Commission, with the approval of the City Commission, or by the City Commission as an elected body.


The City Commission and staff, with the help of advisory boards determine overall City goals. Citizen members advise and assist the City Commission in areas of special concern, opening additional lines of communication between the general public and the City Commission. Such groups help assure that City government is responsive to its citizens.

Advisory Board benefits include:

  • Focusing attention on specific problems or areas of concern;
  • Encouraging citizen participation in formulating alternative goals;
  • Presenting a point of view that may differ from professional staff;
  • Making recommendations based on thorough consideration of alternatives; and
  • Providing an in-depth analysis of topics to be decided by the City Commission.

The primary role of advisory boards is to encourage increased public input and citizen participation in the determination of City policies and procedures. Advisory Boards do not become involved in the administration or operation of City Departments. Boardmembers may not direct administrative staff to initiate programs, conduct major studies or establish official policy with the express approval of the City Commission. However, City staff members are available to provide assistance to each Board.

Despite differing tasks, all Boards share some basic responsibilities. Members should stay informed on subjects of interest to the specific Board. Conscientious meeting attendance is also a fundamental responsibility, as irregular attendance lessens one’s ability to study all aspects of items under consideration.

The Mayor and City Commission are sensitive to the needs and expectations of the citizens. Therefore, Board members should also develop sensitivity to such needs and expectations. To a great extent, success depends upon the active assistance and recommendations given to the City Commission by the Advisory Boards.


Standing boards shall adopt by-laws for the conduct of the business of the board. In accordance with its by-laws, the Board shall annually select Board officers.


Boardmembers’ office may be declared vacant by reason of death, resignation, mental or physical incapacity, absenteeism as prescribed hereafter, or for conduct bringing discredit to the City of Deltona or the Board.

So that the Board may responsibly carry out its duties, all members should make every effort to attend all meetings. If a member has three (3) unexcused absences, the Board shall terminate the individual’s membership and ask the City Clerk to have the appointing Commissioner appoint a new member to the Board.

Absences may be excused by notifying the Chairperson or the City Clerk’s Office of the circumstances prior to the meeting.


The members of the Board shall elect a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, and a Secretary at the first regular meeting of the Board/Committee each January. He/she shall serve in the position for a period of one year.

The Chairperson shall perform the duties ordinarily performed by a Chairperson, including presiding at meetings.

The Vice Chairperson shall preside at any meeting in the absence of the Chairperson and shall perform any other duties designated by the Chairperson.

If both the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson are absent, the remaining members, if a quorum is present, shall elect a temporary presiding officer.

The City Clerk or her designee or City staff member assigned to a particular Advisory Board, shall be responsible for preparing written agendas and minutes of all meetings and notices of such meetings to Board members, City Commission, applicable City staff, and the public

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